Gelsomino in the country of liars

based on Gianni Rodari

Gelsomino is born with an unusually loud voice that breaks things if he speaks above a whisper, and ultimately makes him an outcast. Leaving his home he wanders into the strange Land of the Liars where it is mandated by law that no one shall ever speak the truth.

He meets friends and enemies, he faces his own fears as well as some serious battles. He lives out the adventure of a lifetime. Finally, Gelsomino finds...


Director / Diana Aishe
Artistic director of the play / Petro Ilchenko
Set & costume designer / Kateryna Markush
Choreographer / Olha Semioshkina
Theatrical lighting / Yaroslav Marchuk
Composer / Tetiana Shamshetdinova
Chorus master / Anatolii Navrotskyi
Musical Director / Volodymyr Hdanskyi
Sound operators / Oleksandr Plisa
Animated cartoon / Lev Kormych
Sound operator / Oksana Makarska, Ivan Rudenko
Deputy stage manager / Dmytro Gulenko



Kalimero / Renat Settarov, Bohdan Adamenko
Teacher, Cat Rex, Bypasser / Svitlana Kosolapova, Iryna Melnyk
Guard 2, Police officer / Dmytro Lukianenko, Oleh Ternovyi
Pirate 1, cat 1 / Serhii Anipchenko
Pirate 2, cat 2 / Vitalii Kovtun, Ivan Yanchenko
Pirate 4, cat 4 / Vira Zinievych, Anastasiia Chumachenko, Mariia Motorna
Guard 1, Police officer / Roman Bozhko, Dmytro Lukianenko

Participants of the performance are orchestra artists / Roman Bozhko, Ahnesa Boiko, Olha Tsymbalist, Kateryna Hdanska

Ballet Artists / Vitalii Makhov, Tetiana Makhova, Victoria Zubkova, Oleksii Sanzhak, Yaroslav Bondarenko.

Estimated run time 2 hours
Musical tale in two acts